Addressing the Messy Middle

Gift Documentation Management

Eliminate donor risk from commitment to close with a purpose-built solution for nonprofit fundraising.

The Messy Middle

A donor is at the height of their excitement and belief in your mission at the moment they commit to their gift. However, the process between commitment and closing the gift presents the most risk to the donor experience you work so hard to cultivate.

This 'Messy Middle' includes form submissions, templates, revisions, approvals, signatures, layers of bureaucracy, compliance, and more.

Givzey's Gift Documentation Management platform is the only end-to-end solution to streamline the process from commitment to close, ensuring donors have an easy and rewarding experience, no matter how complex or simple their gift may be.

Givzey - The Messy Middle
Givzey: Donor Experience In the Messy Middle

Don't Risk Your Donor Experience

At best, the 'Messy Middle' can be organized, well-communicated, and straightforward. At worst, the 'Messy Middle' can sour a donor's trust in an organization and even ruin the relationship that once inspired giving.

If a donor spends too much time in the 'Messy Middle,' they become included to lower gifts, cancel gifts already committed, or even pledge to never make another gift.

Givzey's Gift Documentation Management solution creates efficiencies in your operations that make multi-year giving scalable to all levels of giving, addresses retention, and elevates the donor experience so that it is both easy and rewarding.

Fundraising's Only Gift Documentation Management Solution

Innovative and fast-growing fundraising teams use Givzey's Gift Documentation Management solutions to make the 'Messy Middle' easier and more efficient – elevating the donor experience and increasing giving revenue.

Gift Documentation Management provides your organization with a proactive, automated process from a donor's commitment through close. This includes necessary internal steps, such as creation, revisions, approvals, signatures, pledge reminders, and transparent tracking along the way. 

Created by a team of fundraisers who have seen first-hand how the 'Messy Middle' can adversely impact an organization's ability to deepen donor relationships and raise revenue, Givzey's Gift Documentation Management platform addresses efficiencies that empower you to elevate your donor experience, address retention, increase revenue, and scale multi-year giving across your fundraising programs. 

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Donor-Centric Pledge Reminders

How Effective Are Digital Gift Agreements?

72 %
Donors Confirm Within 24 Hours of Sending
92 %
Donors Confirm With 1 Week of Sending

Givzey Customer Testimonials

William & Mary has now booked more than $1M in new commitments with Givzey in less than a year. By empowering each of our gift officers with Givzey's Gift Agreement Management solutions we have grown philanthropy and enabled gift officers to focus on what they do best.

Matthew T. Lambert

Senior Vice President of University Advancement | William & Mary

Givzey proved immediate value for Kenyon. It's a well-adopted tool that our fundraisers love to use and it's a game-changer for elevating our donor experience, which helps us achieve our goals.

Sonia Corrigan

Associate Vice President of Advancement Information Services | Kenyon College

I had a $10,000 pledge sent the old way, through PDF. After continuous follow-up for months, nothing happened. Within an hour of sending a Givzey pledge agreement, the gift was confirmed and booked.

Austin Byrd

Director of Leadership Annual Giving | Stony Brook University

Matthew T. Lambert, William & Mary
Sonia Corrigan, Associate Vice President, Sonia Corrigan, AVP, Advancement Information Services at Kenyon College
Austin Byrd, Director of Leadership Annual Giving, Stony Brook University

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Easily create, sign, review, and manage all forms of gift documentation in one place.
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Go far beyond what e-signatures, mail-merges, and your CRM can do.
Digital Gift Documentation

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Scale multi-year giving to all levels of giving with end-to-end Gift Documentation Management.

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Givzey operates both as a standalone or connected solution to the CRM you use every day.

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