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Intelligent Gift Documentation Management

The first end-to-end platform to scale multi-year giving, increase retention, accelerate pipeline and revenue growth, and ensure a world-class donor experience.


Easily create, sign, review and manage all forms of gift documentation in one place with Givzey

What Our Customers Say

William & Mary has now booked more than $1M in new commitments with Givzey in less than a year. By empowering each of our gift officers with Givzey's Gift Agreement Management solutions we have grown philanthropy and enabled gift officers to focus on what they do best.

Matthew T. Lambert

Senior Vice President of University Advancement | William & Mary

Givzey proved immediate value for Kenyon. It's a well-adopted tool that our fundraisers love to use and it's a game-changer for elevating our donor experience, which helps us achieve our goals.

Sonia Corrigan

Associate Vice President of Advancement Information Services | Kenyon College

We are thrilled to partner with Givzey, to address our needs to streamline the giving process and enhance the donor experience while empowering us to scale multi-year commitments across all donor levels. We view our partnership as a crucial element for growing our pipeline and enabling our fundraisers to inspire immediate action in support of our students and programs.

Brooks Hull

Vice President for University Advancement | Texas State University

The integration of Givzey within our advancement toolkit has empowered us to shift the dialogue with our longstanding annual giving supporters away from the routine cycle of responding to yearly appeals. Instead, we can now seamlessly transition these donors into multi-year pledge commitments. This not only enhances the donor experience but also enables our expanding yet compact frontline fundraising team to dedicate more time to prospect discovery and pipeline cultivation.

Katie Turcotte

Vice President of Advancement | University of Mary Washington

I’m thrilled to use Givzey to help our small operations team manage multi-year pledges and give our donors a seamless way to codify and be reminded of their financial support of our school’s mission. The Givzey team is consistently supportive of our work. They are always innovating which helps our fundraisers deepen their relationships with donors.

Christine M. Pina

Chief Advancement Officer | Miss Porter's School

Givzey’s Smart Gift Agreements allow us to solicit and close gifts in a single day. Givzey also gives me peace of mind because I know that all gifts are documented exactly as we need and adhere to both internal policies and accounting standards.

Maegan Dyson

Chief Development Officer | Conway Regional Health Foundation

What I love most about Givzey is that W&M can now apply our multi-year giving strategy to giving at all levels. Onboarding took less than an hour and we immediately used Givzey in our fiscal year-end push.

Meghan Palombo

Associate Vice President, Annual Giving & Philanthropic Engagement | William & Mary

I had a $10,000 pledge sent the old way, through PDF. After continuous follow-up for months, nothing happened. Within an hour of sending a Givzey pledge agreement, the gift was confirmed and booked.

Austin Byrd

Director of Leadership Annual Giving | Stony Brook University

We previously sent gift agreements with DocuSign and they either didn’t get there or languished in inboxes. Right away, I had two donors confirm $100,000 in gifts that were unconfirmed for several months. I’m a Givzey fan.

Kim Wallace

Development Officer, Athletics & Affinity | Kenyon College

Matthew T. Lambert, William & Mary
Sonia Corrigan, Associate Vice President, Sonia Corrigan, AVP, Advancement Information Services at Kenyon College
Brooks Hull, Vice President of University Advancement, Texas State University
Katie Turcotte
Christine M. Pina
Maegan Dyson
Meghan Palombo
Austin Byrd, Director of Leadership Annual Giving, Stony Brook University
Kim Wallace, Development Officer, Athletics and Affinity, Kenyon College
William & Mary
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Smart Signatures

Smart Gift Agreements


Smart Gift Agreements

Scale multi-year commitments and improve retention & participation with a selection of pre-built industry standard templates.
  • Book gifts of all kinds faster, easier, and with more accuracy and consistency.

  • Adhere to gift documentation and gift acceptance policies, from commitment to close.

  • Transform a static process into a dynamic fundraising asset.

  • Improve fundraiser efficiencies by eliminating manual tasks and actively contributing to an organization’s fundraising goals.

  • 72% of Smart Gift Agreements are confirmed within 24 hours and 92% are confirmed within one week.

Dynamic Workflows

Dynamic Workflows

Unique configurations for all types of gifts ensure that endowments, scholarships, capital projects, and more follow specific review and approval routes.
  • Dynamic no-code workflow tools ensure Smart Gift Agreements are reviewed, revised, approved, and documented efficiently, from commitment to close.

  • Ensure every gift, no matter how complex, receives the proper diligence to safeguard against deviation from policies and procedures.

  • Centralize a decentralized and disorganized process with permission-based access and real-time version control.

  • Elevate the donor experience by expediting the time to close any type of gift.

Dynamic Workflows - Givzey Collaborator
Givzey Signature Confirmation Screen Browser HERO

Automated Pledge Reminders

Automated Pledge Reminders

Provide transparency to gift officers with upcoming pledge reminder summaries, included in a weekly fundraiser enablement email.
  • Personalized, seamless, and donor-centric messaging designed to be a powerful stewardship touchpoint.

  • Automated pledge statements with up-to-date pledge schedules and one-time, immediate payment options.

  • Reinvent the fundraiser-donor relationship by enabling deeper relationships and removing pledge collection responsibilities.

Intelligent Invoicing

Intelligent Invoicing

All of Your Payment Options in One Place to Ensure Committed Gifts are Fulfilled
  • Remove manual and administrative burdens related to gift collections.

  • More professional and formal donor experiences.

  • Customized reminder sequences through Givzey Assist.

Intelligent Invoicing
Gift Agreement Platform Laptop

Givzey Hub

Givzey Hub

Mission Control – a Smart Centralized Repository of Tracking and Reporting for all Gift Documentation
  • Easily store, manage, search, and analyze all gift documentation, in one central location. 

  • Transparency and compliance controls from the moment of agreement creation through to fulfillment and renewal management.

  • Out-of-the-box functionality specific to fundraising and gift documentation that drives efficiencies, actions, and insights across the fundraising organization.

Dive Deeper into the Benefits of Givzey

Smart Signatures
Smart Gift Agreements

Transform a static process into a dynamic fundraising asset.

Dynamic Workflows
Dynamic Workflows

Review, revise, approve, and document efficiently, from commitment to close.

Automated Pledge Reminders
Automated Pledge Reminders

Automate and scale your multi-year giving strategy.

Intelligent Invoicing
Intelligent Invoicing

Remove manual and administrative burdens related to gift collections with Givzey Assist.

Givzey Integrations

Givzey Integrations

Keep advancement moving forward. Accelerate and scale giving across all of your fundraising operations with integrations built for nonprofits.

Ways to Use Givzey

Major Gifts
Major Gifts

Spend more time cultivating a major gift and demonstrating impact by securing multi-year commitments for the annual gift. 

Leadership & Annual Giving
Leadership & Annual Giving

3x your mid-level revenue and scale multi-year pledges to every level for 90%+ retention.

Board Members
Board Giving

Make 100% participation the standard by documenting commitments for all of your advisory boards.


Digitize the bequest intention process to ensure fast and accurate documentation.

P2P, Students, Athletics
Athletics, Reunion, Affinity
Empower all of your ambassadors to secure pledges from your most loyal supporters.
Giving Societies
Giving Societies

Start every year ahead with multi-year membership agreements.

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