State Required Notices and Disclosures



You are being asked to guarantee this debt. Think carefully before you do. If the borrower doesn't pay the debt, you will have to. Be sure you can afford to pay if you have to, and that you want to accept this responsibility. You may have to pay up to the full amount of the debt if the borrower does not pay. You may also have to pay late fees or collection costs, which increase this amount. The creditor can collect this debt from you without first trying to collect from the borrower. The creditor can use the same collection methods against you that can be used against the borrower, such as suing you, garnishing your wages, etc. If this debt is ever in default, that fact may become a part of your credit record.

This notice is not the contract that makes you liable for the debt.


Massachusetts law prohibits discrimination based on marital status or sexual orientation as well as gender identity.

New Hampshire

If we refer this Note to an attorney for collection, you agree to pay our reasonable attorneys’ fees. However, if you prevail in a) any action, suit, or proceeding we bring, or b) an action brought by you in connection with this Note, or if you successfully assert a partial defense or setoff, recoupment, or counterclaim to an action brought by us, the court may withhold from us the entire amount or such portion of the attorneys’ fees as the court considers equitable.

New York

A consumer credit report may be ordered on you in connection with your application for credit. If you ask, we will tell you whether or not one was ordered and if one was, the name and address of the consumer credit reporting agency that provided it. Subsequent consumer credit reports may be requested or used in connection with an update, renewal, or extension of the credit applied for without further notice to you. u. Please let us know how you would like us to apply a payment that is different from the monthly amount that is due on your Loan(s).


You give up (waive) your common law rights to receive notice of intent to accelerate and notice of acceleration. This means that you give up the right to receive notice that we intend to demand that you pay all that you owe on this contract at once (accelerate) and notice that we have accelerated.

 The AAA (or JAMS) charges certain fees in connection with arbitration proceedings. Except in Texas, you may have to bear some of these fees, however, if you are not able to pay such fees or think they are too high, Lender will consider any reasonable request to bear the cost. Lender will also bear any cost Lender is required to bear by law or by the terms of any other agreement with me. To the extent permitted by law, each party will also pay for its own costs, including fees for attorneys, experts, or witnesses, unless otherwise provided by the terms of any other agreement between the parties.

 The written loan agreement represents the final agreement between the parties and may not be contradicted by evidence of prior, contemporaneous, or subsequent oral agreements of the parties. There are on unwritten oral agreements between the parties.


As required by Utah law, you are hereby notified that a negative consumer credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a consumer credit reporting agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your credit obligations.


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