Webinar - [RESEARCH] The State of Capital Campaigns


Thursday, December 7 at 2:00 pm ET

In the world of fundraising, myths often shroud the truth, creating unnecessary barriers and misconceptions. 

Capital campaigns are no exception.

That’s why we surveyed a cohort of nonprofits across the United States and Canada, all in various phases of a capital campaign, to produce the inaugural State of Capital Campaigns Benchmark Report.

In this session, we’ll sift through the most interesting insights gleaned from the study. You’ll come away with benchmarks with which to compare your organization.

Learning objectives:

  • What are the primary drivers of capital campaigns?
  • Are capital campaigns typically successful?
  • How is the annual fund impacted both during and after a capital campaign?
  • Is a high-powered/big-money board necessary for campaign success?
  • What impact did the global pandemic and a possible recession have on capital campaign planning?
  • Does conducting a feasibility study matter?
  • How diverse are campaign committees?


About the Presenter:

Steven Shattuck is the Director of Engagement at Capital Campaign Pro.

A recognized thought-leader in the nonprofit sector, he has over 15 years of experience advising nonprofits on donor communications, data management, and digital content.

Steven has contributed content to the National Council of Nonprofits, AFP, Advancing Philanthropy, NTEN and Nonprofit Hub, and is a frequent webinar presenter and conference speaker, having spoken at AFP ICON, NAYDO, Cause Camp, ADRP, the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, and Planet Philanthropy, to name a few.

[RESEARCH] The State of Capital Campaigns

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