Givzey for Advancement Operations


Advancement Services and Operations Professionals know that when processes don’t scale, they aren’t effective. However, in fundraising, we never give up on an opportunity. That’s why we download lists of unpaid pledges each month and send envelopes hoping donors will fulfill gifts. It’s why we ask frontline fundraisers to secure multi-year pledges with donors and accept any passable form of documentation. And, as multi-year pledges become central to improving retention and increasing bookable revenue, it’s a problem that is only continuing to grow.

What if we told you we could help you turn these issues into opportunities?

In this webinar, we’ll show you how Givzey:

  • Automates digital pledge reminders while retaining individual control
  • Standardizes agreements that fundraisers can send themselves in seconds from anywhere – including pledges, LOIs, and bequests
  • Migrates all existing pledges into our digital system
  • Supports your organization as a standalone solution or through easy integration options in your CRM



Givzey for Advancement Operations

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