Give Now, Pay Later for Giving Days and Beyond

Wednesday, March 1 at 11 am ET

Those of us in Annual Giving know what it's like to have a deadline. So many of our campaigns are 'time-based,' most notable is the Annual Giving Day. We're pretty good at using time to our advantage, but how can we empower donors to make a greater impact during these time-based campaigns?

In this free webinar, we'll look at time-based campaigns from the lens of Give Now, Pay Later (GNPL). We'll examine what's happening with mobile wallets and how GNPL fits into how donors are making online gifts. And, we'll show you how GNPL adds a layer onto common time-based campaigns, beginning with Giving Days and going all the way through crisis management.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why as much as 10% of online giving is coming through mobile wallets and alternative payments
  • How to identify campaigns that make sense for GNPL
  • How to empower donors to make a greater impact during time-based campaigns

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