FAQ for Nonprofits

What is Givzey?

Givzey is a fundraising company offering flexible giving options to your donors, such as Give Now Pay Later, through the use of technology like fintech and artificial intelligence (AI). With no interest, no hidden fees, and no credit checks, our risk free Give Now Pay Later solution is perfect for donors of all kinds.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Click here to reach out to our team and we’ll create your free Give Now Pay Later giving page, then set up a call to show you how to use it to empower your donors with flexible giving solutions

What type of nonprofits does Givzey work with?

Givzey works with nonprofits of all types and sizes. If your nonprofit organization has an annual giving program, then Givzey can help you.

Why do donors choose Givzey?

It all comes down to a flexible giving solution that's in line with household budgets. With Givzey, donors can make an immediate impact on your nonprofit but split their payments with absolutely no interest or fees. Donors can choose to give an amount they're comfortable paying over the next 4 months, rather than having to pay the full amount now. Among the endless opportunities with Givzey, donors are empowered to measurably move the needle during short-term campaigns like a day of giving, or emergency relief efforts. 

How does integration work?

Givzey just works. Givzey requires no tech integration at all. We create your unique Givzey Give Now Pay Later page and it automatically works with your current giving page for gift processing.

What CRMs does Givzey work with?

Choosing a CRM is difficult, that’s why Givzey works with all CRMs! Givzey automatically reports gifts back to your CRM so you can focus on stewardship efforts.

How does my nonprofit receive the donor’s gift?

With Givzey, nonprofits receive a donor’s gift the same as they would through their regular giving page. Givzey requires no change in process for you or your donor.

What happens if a donor defaults?

Defaults are extremely rare and usually are just a matter of updating an expired credit card. But if a donor does default, Givzey has hired former frontline fundraisers to work with donors in a kind, empathetic, and understanding way – we treat them like they are our donors.

Are there really no interest or fees that the donor has to pay?

Yes, it’s true! There are no interest fees, credit card fees or late fees that donors will have to pay. Ever. Our belief is that because the nonprofit organization (NPO) pays Givzey a membership fee, the donor should have the ability to make their gift without being charged.

How does the donor receive their gift acknowledgment and tax donation receipt?

Part of the magic of Givzey is that it operates similarly to a credit card. The donor gets credit for the full gift when it’s made because the nonprofit receives the full gift up front. Donors report the gift the same way they have in the past – nothing changes for them. The gift acknowledgment letter and tax receipt come directly from the nonprofit, same as if the gift was made on a credit card.

How does Givzey mitigate default risk without hard or soft credit checks?

Givzey has built some of the most innovative and advanced risk mitigation scoring, using philanthropic giving, which enables our team to manage the default risk on these advances in ways never before possible. We call this our PHILO score, and it doesn’t need or use credit checks to work.

How is Givzey different than a sustainer gift or a traditional pledge?

Givzey offers donors the ability to give more now, without the long term commitment presented with a sustainer model. This can benefit organizations in a variety of ways. Give Now Pay Later opens up flexible giving options to donors who may not be ready for a perpetual commitment, or those who are making gifts in honor of a person or to commemorate an event. Additionally, because the nonprofit receives the gift upfront, donors are immediately eligible for giving societies and other stewardship perks that match the size of their one-time gift. Some organizations even use Givzey to create a pipeline of future sustainers.

Is Givzey right for my nonprofit?

If your nonprofit is looking to grow its donorbase, increase giving from current donors, and a solution to increase the number of gifts donors make, then Givzey is right for you. Donors need flexible giving options to support their favorite causes. Givzey makes offering flexible giving options to your donors easy. With no interest, no hidden fees, and no credit checks, our no-risk Give Now Pay Later solution is perfect for donors of all kinds.

See for yourself, click here to get started.