FAQ for Donors

What is Givzey?

Givzey is a fundraising company offering flexible giving options to your donors, such as Give Now, Pay Later (GNPL) through the use of technology like fintech and artificial intelligence (AI). With no interest, no hidden fees, and no credit checks, our risk-free Give Now, Pay Later solution is perfect for donors of all kinds.

How does Givzey work?

When making a gift using a nonprofit’s Give Now, Pay Later online giving site, your gift will be split into 4 equal payments, while the nonprofit receives your entire gift upfront today.  Your first payment is charged to your selected payment method today.  The remaining payments are automatically charged each month.  

You’ll receive an email with the schedule of payments, and a confirmation from Givzey each time a payment is completed. You’ll also receive your tax deductible gift receipt directly from the nonprofit. 

Will using Givzey affect my credit score?

No.  Givzey does not run hard or soft credit checks and your payments are not reported to credit bureaus. Your credit score will never be affected by your Give Now, Pay Later charitable gift. 

Are there fees I have to be worried about with Givzey and Give Now, Pay Later?

No. There are no fees and no interest when using Givzey.  Really! If you make a $1000 gift, you will pay 4 installments of $250, and the nonprofit receives $1000 today.  It’s that simple! 

Does my entire gift go to the nonprofit?

Yes. 100% of your gift goes directly to the nonprofit. 

How do I make a donation through Givzey?

You can make a donation through Givzey directly on the Give Now, Pay Later page of your favorite nonprofit. You can often find the Give Now, Pay Later link directly on the nonprofit’s website.  If your favorite nonprofit does not yet offer Give Now, Pay Later, let us know by emailing and we may be able to provide you with alternative ways to make your gift through Givzey.

Is my charitable gift still tax deductible when I use Givzey?

Yes. Per IRS Publication 526, which explains how to claim a deduction for charitable contributions, 'If you contribute borrowed funds, you can deduct the contribution in the year you deliver the funds to the charity, regardless of when you repay the loan.' Yes, Give Now, Pay Later gifts are tax deductible.